Shawn Abrams shawn abrams T-Minus Everything and Counting Shawn Abrams Shawn Abrams is an advocate for strong leadership, and people who grow weak with the circumstances they find themselves in. He has over 10 years of experience leading, teaching, reaching, and helping people to those physical "next steps" that feel like big leaps. "If you can learn from a problem, you can think like a problem, and become a problem for your problem." Abrams' unique leadership style draws from his service in the military, corporate, non-profit, and community service.
T-Minus Everything and Counting is Abrams' 3rd book. He brings back Applied Leadership, and This is Beast Mode, Too.
Shawn Abrams The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership gets to the work at hand. No long lectures, complex text, or theories. The author makes plain what works and does not work in relationships and leadership applications.
This book gives readers an edge with leadership and relationship training. It combines the two topics, because they should live together. These are the two areas of your life that will cost you the most is leading people and loving people.

Shawn Abrams Shawn Abrams LEADING IN THE FIRST PERSON BUY IT ON AMAZON Leading in the First Person is a must read for those in leadership positions and those who would embrace it. This book will explore why leaders fail. Reading this book will allow you to: Recognize critical leadership mistakes and how to recover from them quickly. Successfully lead your life instead of following it. Build rather than just maintain relationships. Shape your vision and influence others to follow it. Review effective mentoring and coaching techniques Leading is an act but leadership is a discipline! It’s hard work and sometimes unforgiving but very necessary.

Mission Statement 

To motivate the world with leadership and relationship teaching, to support common people in their pursuits of uncommon  purpose, and to relieve those afflicted with situations and conditions beyond their means. 


N5M Sessions #6 and #7 are in production


Shawn Abrams

Next 5 Minutes with Shawn Abrams is a new YouTube series. It replaces Abrams’ first series, Leading in the First Person. The new series adopted a shorter format. Each video is referred to as a session. Season #1 will be capped at 10 sessions.

These videos lead Abrams’ signature 3D teaching experience. Comprised of video, music, and the written word.

Beast Mode, Too Shawn Abrams

This is Beast Mode, Too is the first single from the forthcoming album, ” T-Minus Everything and Counting (the album). It can be download from Spotify, iTunes, and other music retailers. Stay tuned for subsequent releases in the upcoming months!

“This is Beast Mode, Too” is defined by its tempo which is the sound of a heartbeat. The heartbeat of someone in trouble. They have a problem, they are running from their problem, and then they realize that they can run for the rest of their lives, or they can stand and face their problem. 


Shawn Abrams

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Shawn Abrams

Abrams is an advisory board member of Pace University – Lubin School of Business Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Lead Your Purpose/Manage Your Principles!

Potential > Problems

Potential is not the ability to do good or great exploits. It is the ability to overcome problems.  

Potential is greater than problems.

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