Wait, wrestlers are essential workers?! This is what the Governor of Florida declared by executive order and words from his mouth. I think this is a slight to categorize them with medical professionals, public servants, food operators, etc. that come in to contact with the public. These people are hero’s! And I don’t often use exclamation points. See what happens when you let billionaire’s run your country?! Where are the insurance underwriters, where are advocates for public safety? I’ll tell you; they’re stifled by contracts, money, and power. 

Riddle me this: Why did the president raise a committee of advisers from the sports world to advise him on how to reopen the country? 

Why not invite social service organizations, unions, local elected officials, and representatives from major industries to weigh in? 

Now, I have no problem with this being done in advance of a medical/scientific way to eradicate covid-19, but this should be done quietly. Resources and attention should be brought to public safety first and foremost.  

There are some that are eager for us to go back to ‘normal.’ Unfortunately, this will never happen. The blessing in this crisis is that we get a do over for. We get to reprioritize our lives. Some of the things that we thought were important are not so important when you’re covering up or disinfecting yourself after a trip outside. We’re thinking about life and our family and friends in a different light. What was ‘good’ about that normal was that we were used to it. 

Sure, we wanted change but in the form of advancement. Our change is expected to be pleasant and full of modern conveniences. Prior to COVID-19, we were going along with our lives like the song The System made in 1987, Don’t Disturb This Groove. On the cover of that album, the band is driving along in a red convertible against a black and white background. It gave you the sense that nothing else mattered. 

It’s 2020, COVID-19 has disturbed our grove. The ride came to an abrupt halt, radio silence is on every station, and now, ‘everything matters.’ Not to worry, we will beat the virus and then some. Right now, every other infection disease knows this, and they’re saying, “curse you COVID-19, you’ve brought us all damnation!” Most of us are fighting back by staying at home, some of us are in the lab, and some of us are praying.

Man has dominion over the Earth, not viruses. I believe the Earth was made perfect, until Adam’s fall. He had one job and he spoiled it for a piece of fruit. 

You know, they say one bad apple can spoil the bunch. In a way this is like a viral infection. We are all of us, in the same barrel. Sure, we’ve done rotten things to our planet, and at times, to each other, but let a common enemy come against us. We will prevail but not with the ‘normal’ of the past, it will be with the promise of a future. You see, change in the moment is for convenience, and change in the present is for the future. We can’t covet the old normal, but we can look to regain the same feelings with a clear understanding that change is fluid.  ~And it feels so real, don’t disturb this groove. ~

So long 1987, so long COVID-19