The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

The Book

Delivers Emotional Intelligence techniques in everyday relatable ways. What are the most important concerns to your team right now? Do you know how your team defines success?

Ask your team members how they define leadership. If they struggle to do this, and you cannot explain or teach this to them, the continuity of leadership will fail.

The Movement

 Is apolitical. It is far reaching and soul searching. Before you lead others, you should lead yourself. Few people receive coaching, mentoring, and teaching leading up to a personal relationship, or out of a bad one. They have the hope that the next relationship will heal the last one. This does not work. It would be better to lead ourselves. Getting into a relationship is not as hard as getting out of them, but maintaining a relationship is the most difficult thing to do. It is okay if we have shortcomings, so long as we are saleable in the ways that are advantageous for leadership and relationships. But we should not seek to join with others to create scalable relationships if we refuse to grow.

The Scope

Utilize the six degrees of separation between us to connect us for the expressed purpose of raising well-adjusted leaders with the intestinal fortitude to consistently and effectively exhibit The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership. This book is the culmination of the teachings Abrams shared in his first book.

Biography: Shawn Abrams

Shawn Abrams is a sitting member of the Pace University – Lubin School of Business Executive Education Advisory Board. He looks forward to contributing to the development and sustainment of current and future leaders 

 He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Abrams cites his experience in the Army as the most formative years of his life. He eventually left the military after several years and began community work with disadvantaged New Yorkers. He currently serves as a Site Manager for a community-based organization in Brooklyn. He has held positions of increasing responsibility leading teams and community to and through quality of life initiatives. 

  Abrams decided to write books and produce videos about leadership after achieving success with one-on-one trainings. His hope is to equip leaders with the tools they need to successfully lead their teams. To show them how leadership and relationships are two side of the same coin. Abrams uses easy to understand examples that people can remember and implement. The anchor of this trainings is Applied Leadership with its two practice areas Coaching and Mentoring. His third book is scheduled for a late 2020 release. 

Leading In The First Person by Shawn Abrams

This book represents a movement of leaders who are not afraid to lead themselves first and others well!

This is Shawn’s first book. He has served his country, his community and now he wants to serve leaders the world over with this message: Lead In The First Person. He is passionate about leadership, relationships, business development and customer service.

Book Summary

Don’t live your day, lead your day!

Don’t follow your problems, lead them to resolution!

Don’t just parent your children, lead them!

Don’t find someone else to lead you, lead yourself!

Make your next goal to read and implement the findings of this book!

 Leadership is a skill that not everyone has. But it is a skill that can be taught and learned and constantly improved upon, given the right direction. Good leadership can save companies and relationships.

Learn the difference between managers and leaders.

In his book, Leading in the First Person, Shawn Abrams uses the experiences he has gathered through several years of army service, working in corporate America and through non-profit work as well to show you what it means to lead in the first person.

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This Veteran’s Opinion

I would, in the strongest terms recommend this book for anyone that has even one subordinate that is counting on them for leadership and guidance.

Thomas A. Moreau SgtMaj USMC (ret).

Abrams360 Media: Powerful Quotes


Purpose versus Principle

I want to introduce two very important words at this point. They are Purpose and Principle. In the context of our workplace, purpose is what we’ve been hired to do, and principle is the system of beliefs that you develop in pursuit of your purpose. 


Shawn Abrams is the author of 2 books: The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership and Leading Yourself in the First Person. He also hosts the popular YouTube channel Leading in the First Person. Abrams has over 10 years of leadership experience in the military (82nd Airborne) Div.), corporate, and non profit organizations. On the social service front, he has served people in shelters; prisons; with the unemployed; under employed; and young single mothers. Equally important is his consultation work for business owners. Abrams is a man of faith and believes all things are possible with God.


This interview covered a lot of the leadership and relationship topics I write about. I think people will come away with new insights into old notions of leading and relating to people.

QIV/2018 (Album)

QIV/2018, known by its more common name, The Holiday Album is the first musical offering from abrams360 media. It’s intended to inspire and call to action those under the sound of its tracks. Shawn worked with top composers to musically capture important life lessons he wishes to share with you. 

Leadership Coin 2020LE


Introducing The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership Challenge Coin, 2020LE. The is a first-run limited edition award given to individuals for outstanding leadership.

20 of the 25 awards will be given out in 2020

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