Shawn Abrams


Shawn Abrams is a board member of the Pace University – Lubin School of Business Executive Education Advisory Board. He looks forward to contributing to the development and sustainment of current and future leaders 

 He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Abrams cites his experience in the Army as the most formative years of his life. He eventually left the military after several years and began community work with disadvantaged New Yorkers. He currently serves as a Site Manager for a community-based organization in Brooklyn. He has held positions of increasing responsibility leading teams and community to and through various quality of life initiatives. 

The Movement

Is apolitical. It is far-reaching, fact finding, and soul searching. Before you lead others, you should lead yourself. 

The Vision

To strengthen the hearts and minds of people in society by removing the membranes of intolerance and indifference between leadership and relationships, and success and purpose. 


This Veteran’s Opinion

I would, in the strongest terms recommend this book for anyone that has even one subordinate that is counting on them for leadership and guidance.

Thomas A. Moreau SgtMaj USMC (ret).


This interview covered a lot of the leadership and relationship topics I write about. I think people will come away with new insights into old notions of leading and relating to people.

QIV/2018 (Album)

QIV/2018, known by its more common name, The Holiday Album is the first musical offering from abrams360 media. It’s intended to inspire and call to action those under the sound of its tracks. Shawn worked with top composers to musically capture important life lessons he wishes to share with you.