In Health / In Perpetuity 

I am never shocked by the ingenuity of ordinary people. The Corona virus has turned stumped the medical professionals but not your auntie and a host of others. In the last 3 weeks I must have seen dozens of remedies for the virus. These author’s claim that their unique mixture will kill the corona virus after a few treatments. Here are two that were easy for me to remember, as I tried them myself.

Bring to a boil lemon, onions, garlic, turmeric, and ginger or lemon, peppermint, and ginger. Put a towel over your head, and then put your head over the boiling pot, all while breathing in the vapors.  Biz Markie would take offense to this. He wrote a song about The Vapors. 

It was suggested to me that raising my you ph. levels by gargling with salt water or taking apple cider vinegar shots would keep me safe. They reason that killing the virus while it’s in the throat is more advantageous than fighting it once it gets to the lungs. Hey, why don’t hospitals try these methods? I mean, after you tried every medical procedure that you could, and they didn’t work, why not try something else?! Yes, one of the many remedies involving the “vapors.” Biz Markie released that song in 1988, which witnessed a tough flu season.

In 1988, the prevailing flu strand split into 4 new strands. You guessed it, New York was hit hard that year. The CDC reported that by March of that year, fatalities totaled 991, in the country. That year, it was an epidemic. This year, it’s a pandemic. Okay, pandemics are not new to us, they occur with a predictable frequency. We know the virus can follow human travel patterns. And most importantly, we know what happened in the last great pandemic of 1918 – that was the perfect storm of a pandemic. Part of that perfect storm was a shortage of doctor’s nurses, medical supplies, and soon the volume dead bodies overwhelmed the living. Sound familiar? That’s what we’re facing today. 

Note: if you have underlying health issues you need to be very careful. Don’t take any chances. There are people who thought they just had a sinus issue or allergies, and the virus took them away. 

If only life were like a Marvel movie and we could travel back in time to change the future. Wait, we can! No, not literally but historically. We can review what happened during the 1918 flu pandemic. Tens of millions died from the flu, and some of them were given a drug at an untested dosage for relief. This prescription may have hastened the deaths of millions. Sounds familiar to you?! In 1918 that drug was aspirin. Today, it’s a drug that treats lupus, we’re so vested in its success that we’re stockpiling it, in our national reserves. This is touted as the ‘fix-It’ drug by some, but it can also cause a host of different problems. I hope it works without compromising quality of life. Currently, we’re as powerless against covid-19 virus as we were against the flu of 1918. In order to mitigate the spread of the infection we must do the same things they did back then. 

Science is a buisness until or unless there is a pandemic. Such is the teleological of the ethical. 

And so, ordinary people can do extraordinary things out of necessity. No medical degree, centrifuge, or fancy equations. I don’t deny their claims, nor do I condone them. I just think about them. Follow the CDC self-checker for guidance if you believe you have Covid-19. Be safe