Writing and publishing Leading in the First Person helped me to help others. I had some really trying work and personal relationships. The stories, lessons, production, and fear of self-publishing a book was a great distraction during that time of my life. But, this piece is about the book per se, it is about the time immediately after I published the book. This is where I thought I would garner the most support from friends and family. Nope, Don’t get me wrong, some did chat me up about the book. And, some purchased the book, but did not post reviews. Some told me they got the book to support me, but they didn’t get to read it. 

Facebook interest in the book was telling. I received 15 likes the first day of the books release. That same day someone posted a pic holding a glass of wine. That post received 20 likes. Someone else posted a pic sitting in a car, and that post received 16 likes. 

Just as interesting, a quarter of the people I told about my book told me that they are writing a book. And, only a small number of those people asked for information about my book. I know…

Again, people are more inclined to follow relationships. Now, I know a lot of people, but I wasn’t maintaining relationships with them. It wasn’t enough that they know me or, even that my book was something that could help them. If you viewed the second video for Leading in the First Person, you saw me define a relationships as a connections. It’s obvious that the people in my life didn’t feel that the relationship/connection, bonds that ties us were strong. Trying to make that happen with my book didn’t seem sincere. The same is true for growing a social media footprint. It’s relationships that grow your following. Relationships/connections are driven by content over time. 

I admit that I am disappointed in myself as I have taught many sales teams to engage accounts ,even between sales. In fact, I say the best part of a professional relationship is right there, between sales. It’s where the pressure is off and the real you and the real them surface. 

To connect between sales we can simply check in to inquire about their well-being, engage them on social media, share success milestones that your partnership achieved, offer to introduce them to resources or people they may be interested in or get them talking about thier topic of choice.