Watch and Pray 

What troubles me about COVID-19 is that this threat came on us so quickly. I don’t have to watch the news for updates – I hear the EMT’s, I see my neighbors being taken away. It’s interesting how New Yorkers could navigate around town without making eye contact with others. Now, every pair of eyes I see over a blue or white mask is scanning my eyes. For a moment there’s this blank stare, and then a muffled greeting or a head nod. You could only share that look if you share the experience. 

It’s not fear that will bring us together, it’s our faith. Our common enemy would have us to worship fear. An emotion that cannot serve us or save us. Right now, the battle is on two fronts, the virus and fear of the virus. This will come to an end, but the virus that comes after COVID-19 could be deadlier in terms of quality of life. What usually follows one extreme is another. Governments could enact draconian policies to herd us to what seems to be a safer way.  

And a grateful public would willingly run to anything that is not what we have now. Maybe I’ve seen too many prison movies. You know, where a nice guy “savior” prisoner appears to “save” a weaker prisoner from a predator, but that “savior” ends up preying on the would-be victim. Hey, it’s prison! Why would you expect to meet a lot of nice people there? 

I’m sure other prisoners witness these happenings or know about them, but they have a code of silence to adhere to. As a Christian, I have a code to follow as well. I am expected to watch and pray. Something I failed to do effectively. I only watched until I became tired, or I too often entertained distractions. My prayer life wasn’t what it should have been. Now, I’m mourning for people I should have been praying for. The future as we understand it today doesn’t have to be our destiny. Watch and pray