In Next 5 Minutes with Shawn Abrams, Session #2, Season 1, I made mention of Galactus. A fictional character with a planet size appetite. I compared the ego to his hunger. More specifically, his endless need to feed. I alluded to our ego’s having a similar hunger.

While the session made clear how ego is not a physical place, and it can not be satisfied; it also pointed to how ego for a leader, can feed on the lives of those they lead. Take COVID-19. Many world leaders chose to ignore its rise and moved too late to contain it. In the beginning, the information was not shared, soon it was covered up, it was ignored, and then downplayed. Admission of its existence and relevance, in the mind of some leaders, carried a greater significance than the lives the virus claimed.

The result was powerful – the virus spread throughout the entire world. Galactus may not be a fictional character after all. Now, with the virus raging for a third time – who can stop a beast while it feeds? The beast must eat until its belly is full. Without the means to kill the beast, the only recourse we had was to remove additional food sources, (us), in an attempt to contain it. A proven plan of quarantine and PPE was effective for a short time, but many of us rejected these best efforts. Instead, we offered ourselves to the beast for freedom.

American’s already know the cost of freedom is death, but let me ask you: what is the cost of death? Answer: freedom!

Each category of the index provides for a total of 5 points. Combined, the total points possible across all categories 15.

World Leaders (collective)

Index Overall Score:  6

Leadership: 2 | Relationship: 2 | Purpose: 2


Leaders were led by their ego’s. Many of them failed to implement key mitigation strategies, few leaders worked together, and some world leaders got COID-19 themselves. Leadership is not about politics.

Leaders lead purpose and manage their principles.

Shawn Abrams | abrams360media | #leadership