This graphic really shocked me. I polled 100 people and all 100 responded to the questions. Most respondents said they have known their manger for 1 year or more but, when the same pool of respondents was asked how well they know their managers, most said: Somewhat. Apparently, most respondents despite knowing the for a longer period of time. For those respondents that said they have known their managers for less than 1 year, they thought they knew thier managers well. 

Could it be that when we first meet the manger and still inside that first year, we exchanged a lot of information, paid more attention and had an expectation? Now, as time went on, we may have stopped trying to get to know the manager because they satisfied our desire to know them better. Or, could it be that the manager felt that they revealed enough of themselves by the year mark? 

Work relationships can be difficult because we sometimes engage each other only when we need to. If we connect with our colleague’s for only as long as the meeting, conference call, task or huddle we have stopped getting to know them.